Other than James Cameron, no one may be more excited about Titanic’s theatrical re-release in 3D than Meg. The girl saw the movie seven times in the theater when it came out in 1997. But before you judge too harshly, please remember she was a 16-year-old high schooler in love with Leonardo DiCaprio.

As if the re-release of the film weren’t enough, we were psyched to hear that tomorrow’s premiere in London at Royal Albert Hall will also feature an unprecedented level of social integration. Titanic and Twitter: two of Meg’s favorite things.

Beginning at 10am EST, the event will be live streamed at live.titanicredcarpet.com, complete with interactive conversational capabilities for Twitter-savvy fans at home. Red carpet arrivals and never-before-seen footage will be interspersed with live coverage, and tweeters will be able to join the fun by submitting questions for arrivals and providing their own commentary using the hashtag #titanicredcarpet.

We’re just hoping Meg’s productivity levels don’t drop too low tomorrow at 10am. If you want to join the fun, follow @titanicmovie on Twitter, participate in the conversation with #titanicredcarpet or check out live.titanicredcarpet.com.

Sally’s pretty psyched about Titanic in 3D as well.

(And yes, that’s the Heart of the Ocean necklace replica from the J. Peterman Catalog. Again, Meg asks that you suspend judgment.)