As concerns rise over the spread of COVID-19 virus, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, many organizations, corporations and schools are closing their doors to face-to-face interactions and events. While ensuring the health and safety of your employees, staff and students is important, there are ways to keep your scheduled events on-track during this turbulent time.

Follow these tips to keep your events moving forward:

1. Create an Alternative to the Traditional Handshake

Say so-long to the traditional handshake for now. During the handshake hiatus, introduce an alternative “handshake” like an elbow bump or foot shake.


Notify your attendees prior to an event and at the event to alter how they introduce themselves.

Having posters showing the proper way to do an elbow bump or foot shake will provide attendees the option to choose which they prefer and keep your event moving forward.

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2.Notify Your Attendees

People around the world have the COVID-19 virus on their mind. Help them feel at ease by properly notifying them of your precautionary measures to reduce chances of the virus spreading at your event.

Prior to your event, send out a communication listing the measures set in place. This should include your team’s decision on the alternative handshake, items available to attendees to reduce the spread of germs and who to contact with additional questions.

3. Provide Proper Anti-bacterial Products Throughout the Event

Throughout your event, provide extra anti-bacterial products that are strategically placed. Creating a sanitary environment for all at your event will show the proactive measures your company is taking. Some best practices to creating a healthy environment include:

    • Providing attendees with hand sanitizer once they enter the event
    • Reminding attendees of hygiene best practices
    • Having sanitizer at tables, drink stations, near doors and any other high-traffic areas

Your communications preparedness plan should help determine what steps you will take to reduce the possible spread of the coronavirus or any other potential outbreak.

Even though we need to increase our use of anti-bacterial products, this does not mean we need to be anti-social. While it is vital for you and your team to stay updated on the latest advice from healthcare professionals, your event can still happen.