Have you heard of ThinkDrink? Bet you have. It’s kind of a big deal in York. It’s the group that brought the FIRST-EVER Cash Mob, unheard of event pairings and VIP access to the city.

Where did this ThinkDrink come from, and who makes it all happen? Gavin (that’s us).

G-Peeps are behind the monthly meet-up in York, PA, devoted to promoting awareness for our great downtown and new local thinking. Specifically, thinking about where you’re drinking (and shopping). It’s called—what else?—ThinkDrink. And it’s all about experiencing our downtown and supporting local.

It’s no secret that the Gavin team partakes in social libations from time to time, and ThinkDrink allows us to give back while we get to relax after a crazy day of making clients ecstatically happy. We’re in a stressful business–you know, the one Mad Men is based on! Heck, we even developed our own “for fun” beer label, Final Draught.

ThinkDrink is an opportunity to connect and share, and provides a place and time to meet others that are involved and engaged in efforts to help the downtown grow and thrive, with a cold beverage in hand and a “support local” message. It’s a volunteer-only effort by Gavin’s team, led by Mandy Arnold and Meg Feeser, and is supported solely by local sponsors.

The idea for ThinkDrink came in March 2010, after Mandy read a magazine article about a group of people coming together in Youngstown, Ohio, to think, drink and collaborate and wondered if something similar would be possible in York. She posted her idea on Facebook and Twitter to gauge local interest. The following Monday, 40 people showed up to the first-ever ThinkDrink.

The group began with weekly discussions, each time at a different downtown watering hole where participants enjoyed great conversations over cold pints. Over time, the group has evolved into a monthly meet-up offering unique downtown experiences, whether it’s a first-dibs behind-the-scenes tour of the city’s two new breweries or an exclusive craft beer and cupcake pairing at a new city bakery.

Recently ThinkDrink tested the waters on a CASH MOB format, to great success.

ThinkDrink events are promoted exclusively via social media; the group’s Facebook Page boasts more than 500 followers. During a ThinkDrink event, attendees will live tweet and post photos and videos using the #thinkdrink hashtag.

The average crowd at a ThinkDrink event ranges from 15 to 60 people, ages 21 to senior citizen. No membership dues, no meeting minutes. All volunteer. All innovation.

ThinkDrink is just good libation and good conversation, striving to bring people downtown once a month to experience a piece of city life and support local businesses. Ever find yourself in York, PA on the fourth Monday of the month? Join us.