Gavin’s 14 Digital Marketing, Design and Communications Trends for 2021

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Brands can’t stay static. They must anticipate and adapt to changing conditions. Gavin’s team of branding and communications strategists [...]

Connecting the Community: Partnerships in a Pandemic (with Dr. John “Ski” Sygielski)

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The role of community colleges is to provide affordable, flexible education options for students and create workforce development programs [...]

Forced to Evolve: Virtual Event Planning in a Pandemic (with Macey Ley)

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Entering 2020, the events business was booming. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, events were postponed, canceled or reworked as [...]

Digital Decisions to Reach Today’s Consumer (with Jason T. Altland)

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Consumer behaviors and purchasing habits are constantly changing. Spending continues to move more online and decisions are being made [...]

Why Schools Need Public Relations and Persona Strategies to Better Tell Their Brand Story

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Effective Brand Communications Can Boost Educational Enrollment It’s no secret that public perception and reputation can make or break any [...]

Growth and Market Influence (with Mandy Arnold)

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Nine years ago, Mandy Arnold founded Gavin, leading boutique branding and communications agency serving regional and national clients. Gavin [...]

Telling Your Story Effectively: Messaging & Communications Strategies

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Your team brainstormed an idea that will knock it out of the park — clever, disruptive and engaging. Congratulations! In [...]