This past Friday, February 28, 2014, the Central Penn Business Journal honored two of our clients, Family First Health and TrueNorth Wellness Services, at its 15th annual Nonprofit Innovation Awards.

Central Penn Business Journal’s Nonprofit Innovation Awards recognize 35 nonprofits for the innovations they demonstrate in their daily operations. Nine of the 35 finalists received grants from three community foundations representing the Capital Region, Lancaster and York.

TrueNorth Wellness Services and Family First Health were both finalists in the Brand Identity/Unique Marketing Campaign category. Finalists for this award implemented a new marketing concept to attract financial support, volunteers and/or clients. Family First Health finished as a runner-up in the category and received a $1,000 grant. Lancaster’s Music For Everyone won the category.

Mandy Arnold, president of Gavin Advertising, accompanied representatives of TrueNorth Wellness and Family First Health to the awards breakfast:

“We’re really excited to see TrueNorth Wellness and Family First Health receive recognition for the work they’ve done during the past year,” said Arnold. “Gavin is proud to lead the team approach that helps both of these groups grow and assist the community.”

TrueNorth Wellness’ and Family First Health’s nominations at the Nonprofit Innovation Awards show how a strong marketing plan can not only help you better reach your audiences, but gain recognition from your peers as well. To see some of the other projects we’ve pioneered, check out our work page.

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