Marketers are constantly striving to understand the habits of their target audience. What are your habits? What do you like? What do you believe? What influences your decisions? Why do you drive 15 minutes out of your way to shop at one grocery store over another?

Nonprofit organizations are often in the same boat as they look to engage new audiences and motivate them to action. What inspires you? What do you connect with? What makes you share a message or visual? What pushes you to donate your time, or champion a cause?

Of course, when it comes to engaging the next generation, the game has changed.

Nonprofit Hub, a leading educational voice in the nonprofit community, tapped Gavin Account Director Sarah Chain for a recent guest article on “3 Tips You Can’t Ignore in Connecting With Gen Z.”

Sharing expertise from the team’s approach to Family First Health’s recent family planning campaign, Sarah focuses on visuals, authentic content and reaching Gen Z where they already are.

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