We have a pretty talented crew here at Gavin, so we think it’s about time to give each team member a turn in the sun. Although she shines bright by her own right, director of digital accounts Tracey Johnston celebrated one year with Gavin in June. Seems fitting to give her a moment in the spotlight!


What brought you to Gavin?  

Mandy. I loved her leadership style and knew I would fit in well with the Gavin culture.

What has being here over the past year taught you?

How important solid processes are for a growing agency.

What’s the most interesting part about the work you do?

Our clients and the industries they represent definitely keep things interesting!  I’m always learning new things and constantly keeping up with changes in the digital world.

What motivates you?

Helping people.

If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you do with it?

Hmmm. I’d finish renovating our house and buy a couple of vacation homes (one in London, one in Avalon, NJ, and one in Lycoming County, PA—all places we can kayak).