The Story

Take Control HIV is a campaign designed to shift perception, motivate preventative action and encourage treatment of HIV. Eradicating misconceptions and stigmas around HIV and encouraging those living with the virus to keep up with medical treatments to live more in the moment and be more of themselves, unapologetically is one of the central goals of the campaign. Experience Take Control HIV at

What We Did

This campaign was to provide outreach and resources for community members whose lives have been impacted by HIV. This campaign was run across several platforms (including Grindr, Snapchat, Pornhub, Instagram) and resulted in over 17 million impressions and over 48 thousand clicks. Pornhub being the top Ad with 11 million impressions and over 9 thousand clicks.



Impressions on Grindr


Clicks on Grindr


CTR on Grindr


Impressions on Pornhub


Clicks on Pornhub


CPC on Pornhub


CTR on Pornhub

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