In today’s world, experience is paramount and that includes healthcare consumerism. Today’s healthcare consumer expects a high-level of care and a customer experience to match.

A 2019 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report, published by NRC Health found that healthcare consumerism continues to evolve and patients expect healthcare providers to evolve with them. Patients no longer just want excellent care, they seek care that meets elevated expectations and is delivered with ease, convenience and options. The NRC Health’s report also indicate that:

    • • 26 percent of patients felt doctors did not know enough about their specific case histories


    • • 77 percent of patients had negative comments on office wait times


    • • 67 percent of patients felt front office staff did not treat them with respect


    • • Consumers want convenience and there is a significant rise in retail and telehealth


    • • With these new options primary care office visits decreased 18 percent from 2012-2016


    • • Cost continues to be a barrier to care as 23 percent of respondents deferred getting necessary treatment due to cost


    • 53 percent of comments reflected positive clinical-staff communications

Communication in Healthcare

Communication in healthcare is critical for providers and patients and is something that can be mastered with the help of targeted marketing that speaks directly to healthcare consumers. VisibleThread reviewed health insurance documents, finding 86.6 percent of insurance companies are not communicating effectively with individuals 65 and older.

At Gavin, we work with healthcare providers and state institutions — among others — to ensure they are reaching target consumers where they are with relevant information, ultimately humanizing the experience and helping prospective patients see themselves in the marketing. We do this by taking deep dives into demographics, behaviors and interests. Gavin has worked with organizations such as Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Department of Health’s HealthyWoman Program to create campaigns that drive outcomes and meet funding and reporting requirements.

Serving 24 counties in Pennsylvania, the HealthyWoman Program provides financial support for women ages 40 to 64 to receive breast cancer screenings and women ages 21 to 64 to receive cervical cancer screenings. The organization partners with medical providers to offer these screenings in addition to diagnostic testing. Gavin’s goal was to create a campaign that would:

    • • Educate potential clients and referral sources about financial benefits of Family Health Council’s HealthyWoman Program


    • • Build relationships with referral sources to drive potential clients to the program


    • • Help more women receive financial benefits where Family Health Council’s HealthyWoman Program is offered


    • Drive an uptick in enrollment during the campaign — April 2017 to July 2017

This campaign was created with communication at its core and a focus on speaking directly to potential participants. Gavin employed the PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) model to ensure that all channels worked seamlessly for the campaign and exceeded expectations. The campaign included public relations, SEO/PPC, social media and content development for email marketing, video and print assets.

The videos focus on patient experiences to show others how their health could benefit by accessing this program. As with all campaigns Gavin creates and executes, establishing metrics and reporting on them are critical. For The HealthyWoman Program, we measured social media reach and engagement, conversions and ROI, and we utilized Google Analytics to ensure our SEO and PPC results exceed expectations. The results of the campaign were staggering. The HealthyWoman Program saw a 31 percent increase in screenings from FY 2016 – FY 2017.

For more information about our healthcare experience and to discuss how we can help your brand navigate the constant evolution of healthcare consumerism, contact us today!