Five years ago, we opened our doors in a small office where we bartered our rent, and crossed our fingers that people would value our philosophy of truth in branding and driving action.

We wanted to be the agency that helped brands have a unique voice in the market place, yet remain focused on delivering real outcomes. It has always been important to us that our clients’ quantifiable goals remain front and center in everything we do.

Our approach over the years has evolved into a big-picture strategic vision of putting York on the creative map, to show that Main Street can give Madison Avenue a run for its money. It’s hard to believe that today, our team’s hard work has produced bold creative and big outcomes for clients from California to Florida to Holland.

How have we grown from good to great?

As with every business, you figure it out along the way. For us, that meant understanding how to manage our growth — three consecutive years of 50%+ growth. We knew that if we continued to grow at this backbreaking pace, we would fail. Instead, we made a deliberate decision in our fifth year to slow down and focus on our infrastructure and our culture. Through the process, our core values became more important than ever.

  • We Culture
  • Advise Without Fear
  • Honest Relationships
  • No Clutter
  • Thinking Creative

Over the years, we’ve helped many clients incorporate their brand values into their businesses, both through internal communications, external selling messages and customer experiences. This year, we placed our own company under a microscope to walk the walk and talk the talk, working diligently to weave our values into all of our actions and how we hold ourselves and each other accountable.

And just as we’ve told our clients that it’s not easy being authentic, protecting your core values or ensuring that your brand is not diluted as you grow, we felt that strain as we’ve grown from good to great.

Our benefit was that we knew what was waiting on the other side, because we’ve helped clients achieve the same desired results. Our team was confident in what would come next — and now that we’re clear on where we’re headed and how we want to grow, our team is ready for bigger things.

I want to thank our team for their hard work and commitment to one another and to our clients. We are fortunate to have the talent and the energy to take on an ambitious plan for the future.

Now, we’re looking to kick off 2017 and embark on our next chapter as we work to grow smart and put York on the creative map.