“We’re on a mission to prove that Main Street can give Madison Avenue a run for its money.”

This is our vision statement. It appears prominently on our wall in our HQ offices in downtown York, Pennsylvania. Since we began in 2011, our take-on-the-big-guys strategic thinking and vision has been to put York on the creative map.

What does that mean in practice?

First and foremost, we believe that creative ideas can come from anywhere. We’ve spent time cultivating our house of talent so that our team can contribute truly effective solutions and bold ideas that produce big outcomes for our clients. By solving the problem first — through curing marketing pain points across all media platforms and pinpointing unique stories to tell — we’re able to craft strategies that consistently meet client goals. And, we’ve proven that we don’t have to be on Madison Avenue to deliver these creative, high-performance outcomes.

In fact, from our “Main Street” headquarters in downtown York, we’ve worked with clients from Holland to Utah to the Bronx. In 2017 alone, we were named the agency of record for the national consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand of Stauffer’s Biscuit Company’s cookies; developed a comprehensive e-commerce website for national athletic brand KT Tape; delivered disruptive campaigns for national B2B brands like Glatfelter Insurance Group; and shared a room with internationally known brands at the PR News Awards in the Big Apple, where Gavin was recognized as a finalist for Agency Team of the Year and Small PR Firm of the Year.

Our determined belief that we can compete with top-tier agencies is rooted in our core at Gavin. We think that the market is ready for what’s next, and we believe it’s going to come from an agency on Main Street. Through ongoing collaboration and problem-solving, our team is able to focus without the distractions and clutter inside the big Madison Ave. shops. This allows our team to strive to always be better tomorrow than we were today, because we’re focused on the work — a tenet of our “We Culture” core value. Pushing one another to greater outcomes is absolutely necessary for our success, and I’m proud to say that our team always strives for greater creative performance.

For our clients, that means they can expect that we’ll deliver new, bold ideas, served up with a dose of Main Street attitude — a hard-working attitude that says we can compete with top agencies and do so in a way that’s agile, relevant and impactful. It also means stronger relationships between our teams, and more one-on-one contact with senior leadership, including myself as the President and CEO.

Mandy Arnold GavinWe’re fortunate to have the talent and the ambition to pursue this vision, and I am confident that you’ll be hearing our name more often in 2018.

Watch out, Madison Avenue — we’re right on your heels.

Mandy Arnold


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