Every September, we close the office for a day to celebrate our corporate anniversary, the accomplishments of the year, and the amazing team that makes it all possible.

This year’s trip fell just one week after Gavin’s official fifth birthday, so we started the day with a toast commemorating this exciting milestone.

After a delicious Copper Crust breakfast, we announced the previously top secret itinerary for the day. By the time the applause died down, it was time to head to our first stop, Escape Games Live, just a short walk away in downtown York.


We arrived at the self-proclaimed “cure for your common entertainment,” divided into teams, and entered the three themed rooms following a quick rundown of the rules by our host. All three teams “won” by escaping in under an hour, and passed whatever time remained comparing notes about their rooms without divulging its secrets. We can’t wait to return to check out the other rooms and sleuth more clues!


We walked back to Gavin headquarters to board the party bus, then loaded up with all the beer and snacks we could carry. A few sing-alongs later, we arrived at Kitchen Kettle Village in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.


We enjoyed lunch at the Kling House, swapping stories and sides, then set out to explore the village, which was teeming with autumn décor and artisanal gift shops. Spence and Caleb even met Pumpkin Muhammad Ali. When the crew happened upon a tribe of adorable pygmy goats, fuzzy feelings and a coin-operated feeding frenzy followed.


Our final stop was Thistle Finch, a small batch distillery in a former tobacco factory in downtown Lancaster. Our tour guide Rusty recounted the building’s history before leading us through their distillation process. After sampling their most popular spirits, which included a coffee bean-infused whiskey and an American-style gin, we reflected on the day over signature cocktails at the upstairs bar before heading home.


Getting teams together outside the workplace can benefit any company, but as creative professionals, we’re especially committed to busting out of routines and avoiding ruts— it’s how we stay fresh. With this goal in mind and a five-year anniversary to celebrate, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to break out, break bread, and bond as a company, enriching our team culture while discovering some unique regional destinations.