York, Pa. (16 July 2014) — Gavin™ Advertising is excited to announce its partnership with Downtown Inc and local merchants to rebrand and market York’s west end as “WeCo,” short for west of the Codorus.

The neighborhood is a four-block stretch bordered by West Philadelphia, West Market and North Penn streets, and the Codorus River.


Gavin Advertising has committed $15,000 in services to rebrand and promote the neighborhood over the next year to establish a marketable offering that attracts and retains businesses by increasing foot traffic. WeCo, part of the business improvement district, is already home to several restaurants, community organizations and other thriving businesses, creating an opportunity to focus the district’s promotional efforts for improved outcomes.


Gavin, in collaboration with other volunteers and Downtown Inc, is focused on supporting the continued growth of the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods. Specifically, as part of Gavin’s $15,000 commitment in donated services, the agency’s team has created a marketable brand identity, complete with logo assets for the WeCo businesses.


“When our creative team took on the creation of the WeCo brand, we gave great consideration to the history and eclectic personality of the west end business district and surrounding neighborhoods — ultimately developing a brand identity that reflected activity and inclusivity while conveying the idea of being close to the water,” said Mandy Arnold, president of Gavin Advertising.

“We’re thrilled to make the commitment of $15,000 to support WeCo’s growth. And as we move into our new office building, we’re thrilled to be part of creating something special that will support our ability to attract the best of the best talent to Gavin.”



With Phase 1 of brand identity complete, Gavin moves onto Phase 2, which includes the creation of brand assets and a website. In addition, the agency has made a long-term commitment to supporting the vitality of the brand efforts with the launch and oversight of a dedicated internship program, whose sole focus will be managing public relations, social media and marketing for WeCo.

Gavin Advertising will relocate its office to WeCo in early August.


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