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We were first enlisted in 2012 to drive awareness for a single Harrisburg, PA campus to help with market visibility in support of overcoming the challenges of a poorly located campus and lagging enrollment. In just 12 months we generated more than eight feature stories in local media showcasing student success stories, programs and career services. The efforts increased website traffic, social media engagement and overall market credibility and goodwill.

YTI was so happy, it handed over public relations responsibilities for all five of its campuses to Gavin, releasing three other agencies from their contracts. Our public relations strategy for YTI Career Institute is built on communication and responsiveness. Frequent face-to-face meetings with campus directors and their teams allow us to dig in and find the people, events and stories that reporters and editors want to cover.

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Over 4 Years


“Signing you guys on as our PR firm was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my marketing career. You are by far; the best vendor we have ever worked with! You continue to deliver as much, or even more now than you did when we first signed you on, which sadly, is really rare for agencies in my experience. You should really be proud of the team you’ve built.”

Kate Rogers (Former) Director of Marketing, YTI/PCI

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