As the Agency of Record for Glatfelter Insurance Company, we’ve collaborated with the company’s team on strategy, segmentation, channel marketing and developing breakthrough campaigns to disrupt the industry.

Our success covers building divisional websites, crafting segmented messaging and marketing strategy, developing micro market campaigns, driving inquiry flow within niche segments and delivering creative that redefines Glatfelter’s market position in a cluttered industry that seemingly appears all the same.

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Precise Brand Value Messaging

High Performance Websites

Breakthrough Campaigns

Innovative Communications Strategies

Brand Consistency

“The ‘Experience Broker Amplification’ campaign has certainly captured the attention of our target broker audiences, and gained our employees buy-in. We know that the creative is connecting and driving action. You can’t deny the effectiveness of the campaign’s messaging when inquires come in asking ‘How do I become a rock star?!’ With sales requests like that, our sales teams get excited. Gavin really delivered a disruptive campaign with standout creative that hit the nail on the head. We’re excited to see how this campaign continues to deliver outcomes.”

– DeAnna Halewski
Vice President, Marketing
Glatfelter Insurance Group

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