So you want to build the best marketing campaign ever with the greatest ROI?

Start by making your campaign integrated (read: cross-promotional). When you’re developing an integrated marketing campaign, think through your target audience’s every day. From morning to night, what are your target audience’s behaviors? Are they more likely to pick up a local newspaper, or check their Facebook feed? Watch their favorite sitcom on Hulu or listen to their local public-access radio station? An audience with identical demographics may share several of these behaviors. An audience with vastly different demographics may share even more of these behaviors.

Case in point: Gavin™ recently developed an integrated marketing campaign for The HealthyWoman Program of Central PA. At its core, the program serves women ages 21 to 64. That’s right— 21 to 64. Obviously the behaviors of most 21-year-olds are vastly different from the behaviors of 45-year-olds and 64-year-olds. This is why a strong integrated campaign is such an effective tool.

Tip 1: Mobile-first Website

At this point, everyone knows a website needs to be mobile-friendly to be successful. At Gavin™, we take this understanding one step further and