Here at Gavin, we live to excite clients with inventive solutions. And, we believe it’s important to give props to companies both big and small who are doing the same.

A great example is Kraft Foods Group. As part of its approach to “agile marketing” — a switch from purchasing broad demographics in one medium to reaching consumers across various media — the company took an innovative approach to promote its Oscar Mayer bacon.

Kraft introduced “The Great American Bacon Barter,” where one man drove across America with only a trailer full of bacon to use as currency. Yep, you read that correctly: He used BACON as currency. (We wouldn’t mind running into that truck.)

To showcase it all, Kraft packaged the experience into short videos, blasted it out to social media and created a microsite, a small series of pages separate from Kraft’s traditional website. It’s a far cry from the traditional approach of a big TV buy, but they’re seeing the payoff: Kraft reported $18 billion in revenue last year.

As agencies adapt in our increasingly digital age, flexible campaigns that can respond to real-time reactions, data and consumer feedback allow brands to stay relevant in a sea of competitors.

Creative solutions for a changing market. We’ll tip our hats to that.