The real star of our Downtown Digs Celebration (besides Sally, of course) was Gavin’s very own Addy Ale, the first limited edition brew from our creative brewing label, Final Draught.

We enlisted the help of a southern gentleman, let’s call him Louisiana D (also known as Dave Hammons), to design an ale that would bring delight to the taste buds of all of us advertising folk. What he came up with was Addy Ale, a wintry American Pale Ale.

Designed solely to be shared with special friends, Addy Ale is the first on the Final Draught label and the official 2012 limited edition brew.

Word on the street is that Addy Ale was so popular, a group of beer aficionados who attended the Downtown Digs Celebration are getting their own home brew swapping effort going to get their hands on some more.  We love it when a good beer brings people together!

Here’s what went into the home-brewing process (warning: “brew speak” ahead):

American 2-Row was used as Addy Ale’s base malt, giving it a smoother malty, less grainy foundation of flavor. The base malt is complimented by a Victory Malt, which imparts a toasty character with a nutty taste. The combination delivers a slightly biscuit taste, like baked bread. For a complimenting side of caramel sweetness, Caramel (Crystal) 40°L Malt was added, giving Addy Ale a a little extra amber color.

Addy Ale has a light citrusy character that offers the perfect amount of bitter, which comes from its Cascade Hops. California Ale Yeast was used for its versatility. And for a good-sized head, Wheat Malt was used.

We hope you enjoyed our Downtown Digs Celebration and your taste of Addy Ale. We have a feeling it won’t be the last brew we see from Lousiana D… or Final Draught.

(Thanks to The Susquehanna Photographic for the gorgeous Addy Ale photos!)