It’s been 12 months and it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come.  When Gavin Advertising opened its doors, it was just me, then came an intern and very shortly thereafter the rest of the team we have today.

Since our first hire, I’ve always taken the approach of assembling the team I wanted to share success with.  And with what we’ve been able to accomplish in just 12 months, we’ve been sharing a lot of successes.

In our first six months, Gavin Advertising signed some of the leading names in Central PA, picked up clients up and down the East Coast, and as far away as Seattle. In nine months we were profiled for smart growth in Advertising Age, our industry go-to publication. At 10 months, we were named a finalist for Central Penn Business Journal’s Emerging Business of the Year.

Let me toot my team’s horn for a moment more. Gavin is made up of talented folks who can rock out any client pitch and turn naysayers into cheerleaders. Our entire team pushes each other to do great things we didn’t even know we were capable of, and we share success, together. Our culture is one that supports learning, collaborating, motivating and sharing. This is balanced with our no-nonsense approach that is founded on remaining true to our mission of being devoted to truth in branding and driving action, and we live by a code of team respect.

Our work has delivered campaigns that we were told, “could never be done.” We elevated creative work in the region, brought new marketing solutions to teams who said it would never happen, shifted perception on tough issues and influenced decisions that affected our community and our clients. We accepted challenges, and we delivered. In the process, we are quickly becoming the go-to advertising, marketing and public relations partner for leading businesses throughout the region and beyond.

What’s next for Gavin? Well, we’re growing again and moving to a new location (details coming soon).

We’re going to continue on our path of being devoted to truth in branding and driving action.

After 12 months, I’m simply grateful. Grateful for a wonderful group of talented people at Gavin, great clients and a supportive community, including my husband, who none of this would have been possible without.

Here’s to many more 12-months of success.